Over the years, John Terry Chelsea number has been famously been number 26. Terry has worn that number throughout his whole professional football career from Chelsea to Aston Villa. Aston Villa handed him the number 26 as soon as he joined them after leaving Chelsea. The number 26 has been made synonyms by the towering centre-back, John Terry.

John Terry came into the Chelsea’s side as a 19-year-old. Back then, the first 11 numbers were all allocated, and as youngsters came in, they took ‘higher’ squad numbers. Often, we will see a youth player with 40-something on their back. So, first season in, the lowest number was around the 20s. And he keeps it for his career as a ‘brand’.

Gianfranco Zola wore number 25 for Chelsea, and was a living legend even in the midst of his career. At 18, Terry was offered his options of squad numbers, and he realised that picking 26 would give him the locker next to Zola. After Zola left, and Terry came to prominence, it just kind of stuck and he remained 26.

Soon, Terry was asked about his selection of jersey number on Instagram, and to the fans surprise, Terry replied with a quality answer. Terry replied: “When I broke into the first team at Chelsea that was my number and I had some fans with my name and number on their shirts”. "I didn't want them paying out for another shirt."

Chelsea fans has complimented his superb reply and mentioned: “That’s exactly why fans of the west London club adored him so much during his playing days and why he will forever be a Chelsea legend in their eyes”. The 38-year-old named Marcel Desailly as his favourite centre-back partner, saying: "He was so good to me as a 17-year-old coming through at Chelsea".

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