Soccer can be unpredictable sometimes. And when these times strike, there are some footballers who would not let their teams down. They will readily take the positions they mostly feel uncomfortable with and do what's best for the team. John Terry goalkeeper role was born out of these critical times when he had to make the call for the team. For those who are not aware John Terry is an incredibly famous footballer who has spent a decade playing for different national and international soccer clubs.

It is safe to mention here that John Terry is not a goalkeeper but in fact, John Terry goalkeeper role was simply something he had to do during again because a goalkeeper couldn't perform his duties to the fullest.

Here’s what went down

The year was 2006 and Chelsea was playing against Reading FC. During the game. chelsea's Petr Cech brutally collided with Reading's Stephen Hunt. This collision was not shown on the TV due to its brutal nature because it may have disturbed the audiences.

After the collision, Cudicini, the replacement keeper, took place for Cech. But it wasn’t over. After a little while, Cudicini collided with Reading's Ibrahima Sonko, after which he was escorted out wearing a neck brace. John Terry goalkeeper role was born in this particular moment when he saw that his team needed a keeper. He took the gloves of the goalkeeper and performed the duty of a goalkeeper for the remaining minutes, leading his team to glorious victory.

This John Terry goalkeeper role will always be remembered in the history of soccer as there are many few instances where a footballer will resume such a position and then lead his team to victory.

What other players can learn from John Terry goalkeeper role

There is a monumental lesson in John Terry goalkeeper role. The number one thing that we can all learn from this historic moment is that you have to be a team player. John Terry was just a player during this match but he showcased that he had leadership skills and that he can easily fit into different roles and do what's necessary for the team. This is a unique skill that doesn't usually come easily to every player. However, it can be learned.

Young players both on the field and in a virtual game in need to remember that skills can be learned. John Terry wasn’t always the perfect soccer player, but he learned everything he knew through the years.

Practice your way to perfection

Practice does make perfect. Athletes like John Terry know how important practice is when it comes to the game. Practice requires two main attributes: Patience and commitment. If you notice John Terry goalkeeper role, you will easily see that his commitment led to that situation. If he wasn’t committed to his work, he would never feel the need to swoop in and become a goalkeeper for the game.

So, for all the fans who look forward to accomplishing their goals, it is important that they understand how players like John Terry command their life.