John Terry has been a professional football player for a long time that it was hard to believe that he had decided to retire in early 2018. But things weren't over for the player as he had joined Aston Villa as the coach and the assistant manager, something he has been meaning do for a long time. However, he has proven in the past that the player inside him is still well and alive.

The famous 'John Terry goalkeeper' moment happened in the match against Reading in 2006. And this moment tells us a lot about the player that Terry is, so we know that even though he has retired he could still come back anytime.

If you are a John Terry fan or a player who loves to learn more about John Terry, here's what went down.

English Premier Leagues are famous for their professional, celebrity football players who easily garner a lot of press attention without having to try. The leagues are also famous for their immense competition that pits one team against other for a substantial prize. To win those prizes, every team has an elaborate team with two primary goalkeepers. Both are trained to offer the best possible skill in goalkeeping. So if the first one goes down, the other can replace him without having to compromise the game. But what if both goalkeepers go down? This is what happened at the Premier League match in 2006 where Chelsea was playing against Reading FC.

John Terry and his team with Chelsea were in a heated clash with the team of Reading FC for the Premier League championship. Goalkeeper Petr Cech struggled to save the goal as Stephen Hunt of Reading FC took the swing. In the process, Cech collided with the Reading's player and had to leave the game on a stretcher. He was immediately replaced by Carlo Cudicini. In the last minutes of the game, Cudicini collided with Ibrahima Sonko too and was stretchered out of the stadium in a brace. This is where the 'John Terry goalkeeper' moment was born. John Terry stepped in within the sticks and made sure that Reading players weren't able to score. He helped his team take the glory home.

John Terry goalkeeper is just another role that the player adds to his resume. Even though he only played the goalkeeper role for one game, he still has the spirit of an all-rounder who is perfectly capable of taking in different roles.

What most people don't see in Terry is his motivation to be successful. It is this motivation that drives his commitment towards his team and his goal in life, which is to become a successful manager and coach. It should be no surprise that after John Terry goalkeeper and many other historical moments on the field, Terry has now joined Aston Villa as the assistant manager and coach, the role he has been prepared for his entire life. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that John Terry has been working towards this goal from day one.

It is unbelievably inspiring to learn that a player can be so versatile to encompass more than one role. This truly defines the leadership skills of John Terry and we can't doubt for a second that he would go on to assume the managerial position one day.