It has been 10 years since the saddest and most disappointing incident, John Terry missed penalty, had happened to Chelsea fans all around the world.

It was The Champions League Final when John Terry slipped on the wet surface of the field and miscued his shot leading the ball to hit the goal posts. Ever since, it was known as one of the most famous disappointing moments in English professional football history and also a sad moment for Chelsea fans.

That incident was then been forever known as John Terry missed penalty, John Terry misses penalty and John Terry missing penalty. John Terry has also revealed that the John Terry missed penalty incident will always be his biggest regret and mistake in life. In addition to that, John Terry also mentioned that he will forever be haunted by the death stare by the rival team’s goalkeeper, Edwin Van Der Sar who gave him a scary stare during the final penalty shootout in Moscow. Besides that, Edwin Van Der Sar also revealed in an interview that he took time to study around 30 to 50 of John Terry’s and Frank Lampard’s penalties before the Champions League Final game between Chelsea and Manchester United.

As the John Terry’s missed penalty will be John Terry’s biggest nightmare of all time, it was an ecstatic moment for goalkeeper, Edwin Van Der Sar as it was a moment that he won’t be able to experience again. On top of John Terry’s missed penalty, Nicolas Anelka had also missed his seventh spot-kick. However, both compared, John Terry’s missed penalty was the more decisive and crucial penalty.

After John Terry had missed the penalty, he can be seen crying on the pitch during the trophy awarding ceremony. John Terry mentioned in an interview saying “I’ll definitely never be over the incident. I still wake up very often in the night and it will always be like “s**t””. John Terry’s missed penalty was an incident that he has to get over quickly as the Chelsea centre-back was called up to the England National squad to play a friendly match against the USA National team right after the Champions League Finals. Fortunately, John Terry is able to pick himself up and remain his composure in time. He scored against the Americans at Wembley stadium and won the game by the score 2-0. However, the worst part for John Terry is that he has to play alongside his Manchester united rivals as teammates right after the Champions League Finals.