10 years have passed since the most iconic John Terry penalty miss incident had happened.

Ten years ago, today, John Terry has slipped in the Champions League Final’s penalty shoot where it was a crucial game deciding shot leading people to name the incident as “John Terry penalty miss”. As the Final match ended 1-1 after extra time, the premier league rivals Chelsea and Manchester United were put into a penalty shootout to decide who will be the Champions. John Terry was entrusted to convert the fifth penalty which he missed.

John Terry had the opportunity to provide Chelsea another historic Champions League Final victory in Moscow but the wet and slippery surface led him to miscued his shot and hit the goalpost. As a result, it was named as the infamous and iconic John Terry penalty miss.

Later Bk8 Daily Mail reported, John Terry confessed that he still recalls with great anguish, his iconic John Terry penalty miss, admitting that it was his worst failure to convert in the penalty shootout. The 34-year old is widely known as the man that had caused Chelsea’s failure to lift Europe’s most prestigious Trophy back in 2008.

In an interview, John Terry mentioned that despite the John Terry penalty miss incident, he will forever be haunted by the goalkeeper, Edwin Van Der Sar who stared him right between the eyes on that famous night in Moscow. Terry also said “It’s eased over the years for sure but I still have a few times a year when I wake up and, bang, it’s on my mind. It’ll never go. It’s one of those things, it’s disappointing and I was gutted at the time.”

In a FourFourTwo and Bk8 interview, Edwin Van Der Sar reminisces how he studied around 40 of Frank Lampard’s penalties and also John Terry’s before the game and also before John Terry penalty miss. Van Der Sar also took notes on how former Chelsea striker Anelka always aimed his spot kicks to the goalkeeper’s right.

In the Bk8 interview, Van Der Sar said “I analysed about 40 that Frank Lampard had taken. I made plenty of notes and noticed Anelka would almost always take his to keeper’s right. Later on, I heard that Chelsea had also done their homework on me and learned that I usually dived to my right”. He also mentioned in the Bk8 interview that he wont be able to experience another such ecstatic moment again.