Let’s take a look at the former England National and Chelsea football club captain, John Terry’s stats as he announced his retirement from football. Throughout his whole career, he has performed and achieved a lot of great achievements.

In 2005, John Terry had become the first ever Chelsea Football club player to have won the BK8 PFA Player of the year award. Looking back, John Terry first came to Chelsea’s youth system and joined the first team in 1998. John Terry stats were padding in no time as he developed himself in no time as a key player of the team in defense.

Soon, John Terry was made the captain for Chelsea football club. As the captain of the club, John Terry led the team to winning 5 premier league titles before spending his last season as a player with Aston Villa. Let’s take a look at the 20 years of John Terry stats.

There are only 15 players that have made more English Premier League appearances than Terry’s 492 appearances. Although John Terry play as a defender, he has scored a total of 41 goals which made him the top-scoring defender ever in the Premier League history. John Terry has broke David Unsworth’s record holding 38 goals as a defender.

As for Chelsea’s history, only Ron Harris and Peter Bonetti have made more Chelsea appearances than John Terry’s 717 appearances for Chelsea. Besides, John Terry stats also includes him leading the team in multiple Champion Leagues games. He has a total of 109 appearances in Champions League for Chelsea which is more than anyone else in Chelsea’s history.

In John Terry’s early career life, he spent a few months at Nottingham Forest football club, making only 6 appearance for Nottingham before Chelsea had shown interest in John Terry and brought him in. As for England’s National Team, John Terry stats shows 78 appearances which means that he is equal with 18th on England’s all-time appearances list.

After the 2006 FIFA World Cup, John Terry took over the England captain position from David Beckham who was planning on retirement that time. In John Terry stats, it also lists that he had scored 6 international goals with one coming from friendly matches. Lastly, he won the most prestige PFA Player of the year award in 2005.